Can You Decode This PARAMORE Quiz?

Can You Decode This PARAMORE Quiz?

  • Where was Paramore's first show?

  • This was drummer Zac Farro’s nickname for frontwoman Hayley Williams when she was 16

  • The album artwork of “All We Know Is Falling” shows an empty sofa, signifying:

  • Hayley is available as a playable character in this video game series

  • "Decode" was the lead single of this film's official soundtrack

  • Hayley’s ex-husband Chad Gilbert was the guitarist of this band

  • The band was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2008 Grammy Awards, but lost to:

  • This Paramore hit won the 2015 Grammy for Favorite Rock Song

  • Hayley worked on this EDM track with Zedd

  • The band’s upcoming Manila concert is called


#LOVEONMYX Harana Express


#LOVEONMYX Harana Express


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