LOOK: ZAYN Reveals Being Detained During His First Visit To The US Due To Ethnicity

LOOK: ZAYN Reveals Being Detained During His First Visit To The US Due To Ethnicity

Christine Guariña

Posted at June 20, 2017

Even high-profile star Zayn experienced issues when travelling abroad. In a recent interview with The Evening Standard, the singer revealed he was detained for three hours when he first visited the United States. 


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"The first time I came to America, I had three security checks before I got on the plane; first they said I'd been randomly selected, and then they said it was something to do with my name, it was flagging something on their system," Zayn narrated. "Then when I landed, it was like a movie. They kept me there for three hours, questioning me about all kinds of crazy stuff. I was 17, my first time in America, jet-lagged off the plane, confused. The same thing happened the next time too."


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The "Still Got Time" songster, however, was forgiving of the precautionary measures saying, "I understand the level of caution that needs to be taken, especially now, in the light of certain events at home, I don't think there's any benefit to getting angry - it's something that comes with the climate. I undertand why they've got to do it."

"I take a great sense of pride - and responsibility- in knowing that I am the first of my kind, from my background," he added. "I'm not currently practicing but I was raised in the islamic faith, so it will always be with me, and I identify a lot with the culture. But I'm just me. I dont want to be defined by my religion or my cultural background."

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