LOOK: OWL CITY Finally Responds To The "Fireflies" Question Everyone Wants Answered

LOOK: OWL CITY Finally Responds To The "Fireflies" Question Everyone Wants Answered

Posted at June 21, 2017

Singer-songwriter Adam Young aka Owl City’s 2009 smash hit, “Fireflies” is once again a sensation… well at least in the online meme world. There is renewed interest in the song after several memes surfaced like this one below..

And this…

People once again listened to “Fireflies” and some of Owl City fans are loving the comeback.

A fan asked Adam himself about the burning “Fireflies” song question that's been bugging him all along. He asked the singer to enlighten everyone about the lyrics: “I get a thousand hugs from 10,000 lightning bugs”.

“Does each firefly hug you 1,000 times or do only 1/10th of the bugs give you a hug?”, another fan asked.

Owl City himself will come up with the most convincing and scientific answer to this bugging question about “Fireflies”. You would not believe your eyes so check out Owl City’s response below.

The singer also said “Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.” While requesting to stream his song online.

Well, looks like this fan can now fall asleep at night.


Do  you like this Owl City hit? What are your thoughts about it becoming a meme? Feel free to leave a comment!

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