LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE Helps J.K. ROWLING With A 'Harry Potter' Spell!

LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE Helps J.K. ROWLING With A 'Harry Potter' Spell!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at September 19, 2017

Ariana Grande tried to save the day for best-selling author J.K. Rowling with a Harry Potter spell!


It came after the author shared her encounter with a huge spider that had her petrified by her home's door. "I am a strong, independent woman. Also, thanks very much to my husband for dealing with this so I could go through the door it was blocking," she wrote.

With the absence of genius Hermione Granger, HP savvy Ari stood up instead casting "Arania exumai," referencing the spell Harry used against the monster spider Aragog in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Could we get her official recommendation to Hogwarts, now?

Maybe J.K. didn't forget and was just following orders not to use magic in the Muggle world. But in case she did, here's some advice from Ariana back in 2014:

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