MYXclusive: JAMES REID Opens Up About His Relationship With NADINE LUSTRE

MYXclusive: JAMES REID Opens Up About His Relationship With NADINE LUSTRE

Christine Guariña

Posted at July 13, 2017

James Reid opened up about his relationship with girlfriend Nadine Lustre!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre's relationship may be an open book, but they sure have a lot of stories to tell for everyone to gush over. In a MYXclusive interview with the "Cool Down" singer, he talked about how he feels to have a girl like Nadine in his life.

James recalled how he first met his on-screen partner, sharing the things he learned about his relationship with Nadine that first started out as a friendship 

"Most of my relationships, usually, I go straight into dating without knowing who they really are. And then that's when you know, find a lot about each other. But with Nadine, we were friends for like, I think two years. And we weren't even friends the whole time. I mean, we hated each other. Like we hated seeing each other at work. And, uhm, sometimes we're friends, sometimes we're enemies," he said, taking us back to the time he thought there couldn't be any chance the two of them could become an item.

Then again, he didn't realize that the girl he was looking has been standing right next to him all these years. "But I was so comfortable with her that I could just be myself all the time. And then I didn't realize that. I was like, the only girl I'm comfortable where I can pick my nose or be myself was Nadine. And you know, being in this business there are so many people around you who aren't being real with you. And it was just so nice to be with someone I didn't have to pretend around. I mean the fact that she was my best friend back then has a lot to do with it, you know, have that strong foundation," he continued. #KILIGOVERLOAD Watch the video below:

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