LOOK: Underrated HALE Songs!

LOOK: Underrated HALE Songs!

Posted at July 12, 2015

A decade before "Saint or Sinner" and "See You", Hale was one of the trailblazers of the OPM band explosion in the mid-2000s. Everyone jammed to such anthems as "The Day You Said Goodnight", "Kahit Pa", "Kung Wala Ka", "Waltz", "Shooting Star" and "Bahay Kubo" which topped the MYX charts!

But aside from these popular songs, the band actually has many other tracks that could have become massive hits but were never released as singles! So we went Above, Over and Beyond to come up with a list of underrated Hale songs that are worth checking out!

Hale (2005)


Notable lyrics:
"I wanted you to know
If you have loved me so
Then why didn't you let me know
Coz I didn't want to let you go
So why don't you just run away from here
Coz I don't want you to get hurt
By me this way"

Underneath The Waves

Notable lyrics:
"It's all been said and done to me, I know it.
Just let me have the chance to prove my cause.
And I don't know what lies ahead for us.
In any road I'll let you come my way.

This time i'm sure of what I'm looking for.
And that's what I want you to know.
And I won't ever let you go, let you go."

Bent Down

Notable lyrics:
"My conscience is hurting my ear
But I'm happy as long as you are here
I hide if I can
I don't care where I stand
As long as you are bent down"

Twilight (2006)

Empty Tears, Empty Heart

Notable lyrics:
"I'll keep on holding on for you
Until everything is through
Tell me where would I go back
Just to reach you
Don't leave me here alone again
Don't leave me hanging out dry
Don't leave me here alone again
'Cause I can't die"


Notable lyrics:
"Hindi ka na mag-iisa
Hindi ka na luluha
Ligaya mo'y pangarap na hindi maging akin
Kundi para sa iba
Mahal kita"

Starting Over

Notable lyrics:
Freedom's what you want and what you said to me
Freedom's what you get from leaving me
You left me with a hole in my wall"

What other underrated Hale songs do you like aside from those on our list? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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