LOOK: ROBBIE WILLIAMS Angers Russians With New Music Video!

LOOK: ROBBIE WILLIAMS Angers Russians With New Music Video!

Posted at October 06, 2016

British pop star Robbie Williams is accused of "crude stereotyping" Russian culture by the Russian media in his latest music video of song Party Like A Russian, released on September 30. 

The song opens with Williams singing about "man with a certain reputation" who can "alleviate the cash from a whole entire nation" while ballerinas dance around him. It also samples the famous classical song, Dance Of The Knights by Russian composer Sergey Prokofiev.

Russian state TV channel Vesti also aired a segment which explains that Williams used the Russian theme to save Williams' popularity which "was becoming a memory rather than a reality" in recent years. Some Russian tabloids also suggested that the pop star will not be able to perform in Russia again. 

Video Courtesy: Robbie Williams

The lyrics "Ain't no refutin' or disputin'/ I'm a modern Rasputin" arised the speculations that the song is about Russian President Vladimir Putin that Williams denied in his twitter account. 

In the singer's website, it is stated that the song is about hedonism and the spirit of partying. Williams said, "the person singing is a bit me, and a bit a character. Part of the British identity is that we all believe we're the best at partying, most nations think that of themselves...but there ain't no party like a Russian Party (Sorry S Club 7)."

Party Like A Russian is from his new album Heavy Entertainment Show, which is set to be released next month. 

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