MYXclusive: GABBY ALIPE Turns His Visions Into Reality!

MYXclusive: GABBY ALIPE Turns His Visions Into Reality!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at December 01, 2016

2016 has been a roller coaster ride for our previous MYX Spotlight artist, Gabby Alipe. With Urbandub going their separate ways, the former frontman eagerly faced different challenges this year. He became active in organizations supporting local music, started his own artist management team called Nemesis, and began a new life as a solo artist. And as this latest chapter in his story unfolds, MYX hopes to join Gabby in his journey to realizing his visions.

Life After Urbandub

After their Endless concert in summer 2015, Gabby and guitarist John Dinopol fulfilled the band's commitments for the rest of the year. The remaining duo continued playing together in 2016 in support of their final show's DVD.

Gabby took a break from writing music and spent time taking care of his son. “It took me a couple of months, siguro I never really thought about writing again or took songwriting seriously again after in-offer-an ako mag-sign ng MCA."

Video courtesy: GabbyAlipeVEVO

Nemesis Music Group

Gabby has also started to take on the role of mentor to young musicians. He founded his own company which manages up-and-coming artists like Cables and Space (fronted by ex-bandmate John), Sirens (fronted by his younger brother Josh), Faspitch, Faintlight, and Autotelic.

"Sakit sila sa ulo, eh. Lalo na ‘yung Autotelic. Ang hirap nilang i-handle," he joked. Under his guidance, Autotelic has been making waves in the music scene. They're also signed under MCA Music Inc. and recently launched their album Papunta Pabalik.

A New Strain

Gabby says becoming a solo artist is a continuing challenge. “Half of my life nakalaan sa Urbandub eh.” He admits that he felt a little uncertain when he began working on his EP A New Strain. Having played in the same band for over 15 years, he was used to having his bandmates around especially during the creative process. So he challenged himself to take on a different approach to songwriting, to try "something new, something different. Something that blooms."

Although going solo meant having newfound freedom, he felt a lot of pressure being in charge of everything for the very first time. He credits producer Eric Perlas of Tower of Doom for bringing out the best in him.

Moreover, he got the chance to collaborate with Gloc-9 and Cebuano rapper Pain-In-The-Neck on the remix of "Ether". He also works with a new set of musicians as he tours these new songs. Veteran musicians Joey Dizon, Otep Concepcion, and Karel Honasan help him bring the recorded material to the live stage.


Gabby had never written a Tagalog song when he was with Urbandub. But having the privilege of working with Eraserheads members Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan on the EP inspired him to take on this brand new challenge. The result? "Paalam", a tribute to 90s alternative rock which strongly influenced him as a musician.

In fact, every track in this EP is a representation of the genres that he liked growing up. Traces of hip-hop and electronic can also be heard in the album. The carrier single "Visions" is all about positivity. He wrote it to deliver a message that people can overcome every struggle they face in life.

A Positive Vision

Indeed, "All in good time" is Gabby's mantra right now. Surrounded by his supportive family, friends, and fellow artists who share his vision, the singer-songwriter has a very positive outlook. He's just trying to focus on himself and not attempting to compete with others.

Check out A New Strain EP which is available in both physical and digital platforms under MCA Music!

Have you listened to Gabby Alipe's A New Strain EP? Do you like his music as a solo artist? Feel free to leave a comment!

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