LOOK: UST Paskuhan Director Releases Official Statement

LOOK: UST Paskuhan Director Releases Official Statement

Christine Guariña

Posted at December 21, 2016

Over the weekend, artists who have performed for the annual University of Santo Tomas Paskuhan festivities aired their sentiments via Twitter about how poorly they were treated by the event organizers.

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The production team, however, hasn't released any statements regarding the incidents. Sure, there were individuals from the team who spoke up, but unfortunately just added more fuel to the fire. To clear things up for everyone, this year's Paskuhan Director and UST professor Faye Martel-Abugan owned up to their mistakes and explained the whole situation from her perspective.

"For me and my production staff, this was no easy feat; we are to make sure that all 16 performers go on stage within the 210-minute program time allotted, and have everyone out of the QPav by 8:30PM. That would only give each performer 13.125 minutes to perform if they are to segue into each other's performance, no breaks in between each set."

Gracenote, one of the night's performers, had their mic turned off to end their turn at the stage. The Director explained that she immediately apologized to Gracenote after the event.

"I chose to be silent about the issue and just wait for the online hate to die down. I did not feel the need to explain our side because everything was just part of the job for me, never personal. My more than 20 years of experience in live events production has taught me not to take anything personally and just take every criticism as points of improvement for the next event."

"Again, as Director for the program, I take full responsibility for any inconvenience this may have inflicted on the bands concerned. I have personally apologized to the band and I am hoping that the parties involved would find it in their hearts to forgive me for hurting their feelings."

Read the UST Paskuhan organizers' statement below.

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