LOOK: CHARLIE PUTH Apologizes, Clears Things Up About BELLA THORNE

LOOK: CHARLIE PUTH Apologizes, Clears Things Up About BELLA THORNE

Christine Guariña

Posted at December 23, 2016

Everyone went abuzz when photos of Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne together on the beach circulated online. Bella never confirmed if she had actually broken up with Tyler Posey that's why fans of both parties felt puzzled.


Bella posted a photo on Twitter with the caption that says "Feel like a walking Tumblr photo"! Coming from Bella herself, this made a lot of people believe that Charbella was actually happening! 

However, here's where things got really confusing. Charlie tweeted an apology to someone and told that person that he knows he messed things up. Though it's still not clear to whom the apology is for but he says he would understand if they couldn't be friends anymore. 

Bella then quoted one tweet with a message that reads "me and ty never lived together... we just were always together", dismissing rumors allegedly being circulated by the media. And after spending that weekend with Charlie, she took a 'trip down memory lane' and posted a photo of her and Tyler together.

Seemingly confused, Charlie posted a series of tweets saying that all the talk of Tyler and Bella still being together is news to him as well. Charlie Puth ended his chain of tweets by wishing everyone "peace" and declaring himself out of the situation.

Bella has since taken to Twitter to clarify things between her and Tyler Posey and yes, with Charlie Puth. Apparently, she already broke up with Tyler Posey about two weeks ago and that she's not dating Charlie Puth.


Is Charbella really over? Tell us in the comments!

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