WATCH: JOEY MUHA's Best Drum Covers Of 2016

WATCH: JOEY MUHA's Best Drum Covers Of 2016

Posted at December 28, 2016

Canadian drummer and YouTuber Joey Muha has been busy all-year long making amazing drum cover videos. For 2016, he was actually able to grant  a good number of requests from his Filipino followers! Most of his covers have gone viral, including his take on the "Tatlong Bibe" nursery rhyme. His superb drumming skills can make any track sound like a metal song!

He mentioned that he can't wait to do more videos next year but for now, we've compiled for you a list of his most impressive drum covers in 2016. Check out these Joey Muha videos and enjoy every tugs tss pak tss tugs tss pak from him! 

A Thousand Miles

Don’t Let Me Down

Hands To Myself

 The Next Episode

Work From Home


Brock Lesnar Entrance Theme

Sesame Street Theme

Game of Thrones Theme

Tatlong Bibe

She She Pinoy Song

Beat Energy Gap Song

Video Courtesy: Joey Muha


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