LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE Speaks Up Against Women Objectification!

LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE Speaks Up Against Women Objectification!

Christine Guariña

Posted at December 28, 2016

Ariana Grande is making a stand against objectification of women and encourages other women to speak up in her recent Twitter post.

The Into You singer described her own experience with a young fan who made inappropriate comments while she's with her boyfriend Mac Miller, "went to pick up food with my boyfriend tonight and a young boy followed us to the car to tell Mac that he's a big fan. I thought all of this was cute and exciting until he said 'ariana is sexy as hell man i see you, i see you hitting that!!!' *pause* Hitting that? the f*ck?"

It might not be a big deal for others but Ariana said she felt "sick and objectified" that moment and felt really quiet and hurt since then. 

"Things like (that) happen all the time and are the kinds of moments that contribute to women's sense of fear and inadequacy. I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure. I'm an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect," she continued. 

The 23-year old pop star was alarmed that so many young people are comfortable in using "objectifying" phrases that she decided to speak out about it,  "We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame. We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don't, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS."

Preach, Queen Ari!


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