WATCH: DECEMBER AVENUE Launches "Fallin'" Live Performance Video!

WATCH: DECEMBER AVENUE Launches "Fallin'" Live Performance Video!

Posted at January 20, 2017

As a treat to all of their fans, December Avenue released the live performance video of their song “Fallin’” with Clara Benin from their first major concert at Teatrino last month.

The video was made possible by Stronghold MNL, who provided video coverage for the sold-out concert. This team was also the one responsible for making their music video for “Forever”. This collaboration between Clara and Decemeber Avenue easily became one of the major highlights of the this two-night major concert.

In case you did not attend their major concert last December or you were there and simply just can't get enough of it, watch December Avenue's live performance video for their song "Fallin'" with Clara Benin here:

Video Courtesy: December Avenue


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