Why We Shouldn't Be Afraid to Start Anew

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 28, 2020


As everybody knows, our team at Chalk is about to go our separate ways by the end of the month. It's entirely never our choice, but we guess that our passion to work, write, and be give voice to the youth are never enough to battle some things out. Now, we're left with nothing but the option of giving a fresh start a go.

And, you know how it is - uncomfortable, frightening, risky, and indefinite. Yet, we have to brave it and let those feelings come and go. To anyone who's in the same situation as us, let these be your reasons to start over:

1. No one can tell what awaits you. You'll feel lost and it will feel like nothing good can ever happen again. But, can your doubts really fathom the future? The answer is no. A lot can happen in just one day or a few weeks. Your expectation - much more when it's the worst - is not a credible source for your fate, it's your action that is.

2. It's worth the risk. Sure, it'll be hard and scary to make out the coming times, but it's definitely worth taking a chance on. Whether it means success or failure for us, both cases can be good for us. For one, we'll be happy and hopeful again, and, for the second, we'll learn and be stronger to stand up again and try one more time.

3. It's better than doing nothing. It's rational to cry and to let negative thoughts run through our minds at one point in time. However, don't just stop there. Give yourself the time to process and accept what happened, but don't dwell there for too long. It won't make things any better for you. Only moving forward possibly can.

They say that new beginnings should be exciting. Even if it's not how it is for us right now, we'll just remember that in one step at a time, we could turn things around. As always,, along with the young people who've been with us in this journey, we got this!

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