9 Youth-Oriented Orgs & Platforms to Support Aside from Chalk

9 Youth-Oriented Orgs & Platforms to Support Aside from Chalk


Posted at August 28, 2020


As we get closer to the end, it's still quite unimagineable for us to leave behind the meaningful work that we do at Chalk which is to inspire, guide, and raise the voice of the youth especially at this crucial time in our history. Though our hearts are heavy as we lay down our arms indefinitely, we are looking on the brighter side of things, and this includes the abundance of youth-led organizations and platfoms that share our mission.

And, so, as we close the curtain this month, we're directing you to some of our most admired groups, publications, and movements that will continue to cultivate your talents, inject a dose of positivty in your daily lives, provide support, and, above all, join you in every battle that you're fighting right now.

Here, we've listed 9 platforms that you should check out (if you haven't yet) and continue to support: 

1. Kids for Kids
Who says that you can't contribute to the society just because you're "too young" to do so? Kids for Kids is a true testament that age is not a limit to what you're capable of. They aim to empower the youth to do something bigger than themselves, be it in the area of education, social injustices, or climate change. Check out their page and sign up as a volunteer now!  
















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2. Edukasyon
Feeling lost and confused about moving foward in your academic journey is difficult enough as it is. Add the massive impact of the pandemic crisis, and you may just resign to hopelessness if you're a student at this time. Thankfully, Edukasyon is here to make your student life less intimidating. From finding the right course, school, and scholarships to making your campus life extra fulfilling, the solutions to your ademic concerns are just a click away, free of charge!
















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3. Scout
Whether you're looking for the next cool thing or simply want to find a safe space where your millennial dread is understood, Scout should be at the top of your must-follow list (if it isn't yet!) We're always in awe of how imaginative, bold, and real their content is. Scout is that cultured yet all too relatable friend you'll surely want to have in your corner.
















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4. Wonder
Talking about things that we all care about and delivering them with feast-for-the-eyes aesthetics, Wonder is another publication that taps into our creatively topical side. From giving voice to under-the-radar talents to delving into the nitty-gritty of issues circulating the internet (and tolerating our K-drama obsessions in between,) a browse through Wonder's feed is always refreshingly insightful.
















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5. Candy
If there's another magazine that we all grew up with aside from Chalk, it's got to be Candy. Fast-forward to the digital age, this college-centric platform continues to join us through the ups and downs of teenage life by offering fun and friendly content. Seeing social media updates from Candy is just like talking to our own best friend! 
















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6. Akbayan Youth
In terms of taking real action and fostering activism, Akbayan Youth is our go-to group when we want to be more educated on the fight for social justice. There's so much going on in our country that requires us young people to take charge, and this youth movement is where you can start to build an equal, humane, and progressive society for our generation and the ones to come.

7. Youth for Mental Health Coalition
Mental health is one of the major issues that demand our attention now more than ever. We all know what it's like to feel the pressures of being young at this time, and they can get overwhelming and harmful to our inner well-being. If you're looking for mental and emotional support, Y4MH is the org that can ease your mind and point you to the kind of help that you need.

8. Talang Dalisay
Another platform that advocates for mental health, Talang Dalisay's approach is all about providing information that will equip young people when it comes to managing the threats to their mental well-being. There are many different sources of distress that can impact the way we feel, think, and process things, and this youth-led org knows how to provide education and support during these tough times. 
















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9. Labang Pangkalusugan
We are currently facing a health crisis brought by COVID-19, and this group of young people are out to take part in this battle. From providing statistics and news bites to holding webinars and raising funds for a cause, Labang Pangkalusugan is leading us to a more informed path out of this COVID-19 predicament. Their initiatives are worth joining especially at this time when our country needs our helping hand the most.
















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​Thank you for allowing us to serve as your guide throughout the past 20 years. Chalk may not be here for the timebeing, but we hope that, whether you're an individual or part of an organization, you'll conitnue to seek support in each other and fight as one. Here's to taking charge of the future that we all deserve!

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