8 Feel-Good Songs from BTS Besides "Dynamite"

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 25, 2020

Whether you're an ARMY, a new one, or not at all, we know you've been listening non-stop to "Dynamite," BTS' first official all-English track that has incessantly been breaking records since its release. The disco pop track - from its lyrics to its beats and its visuals - radiates so much positive energy just as what the South Korean superstars expected it to, so how can we not?

And, in case you didn't know, it isn't the only feel-good song that they have in their discography. Let these other musical gems by BTS be a source of light and happiness to you:

1. "Attack on Bangtan"

Just from the very first seven seconds of the song, you'll already feel the urge to move and bop your head. It's an up-tempo hip hop track that tells you to go forth, rise, and live without regrets!

2. "Boyz with Fun"

You won't be able to sit this one out, with its high energy and confidence-inducing message of allowing yourself to have a good time and do things your way.

3. "Jump"

It's a great pick to put your hands up, scream, and jump - literally! BTS says, today may be hard unlike when we were young and dreaming, but you can do it. Throw your worries away and seize the day!

4. "Interlude: Wings"

This song is definitely made to stir up our faith in ourselves and push us to spread our wings and fly high. We have to, after all, becaue the present is only the beginning. We have a future to face.

5. "Best of Me"

No matter how hard reality is, sometimes, we only need one person - maybe seven in the form of BTS - by our side to get through it. Hit play on this track and you'll get that feeling while dancing with a hand on your heart.

6. "Anpanman"

There's no kind of gloomy mood that this new generation superhero anthem can't beat. Be ready to get pumped up from beginning to end!

7. "So What"

Rather than hiding behind your fears, worrying about the uncertainty, listening to what others say, and doubting yourself, it's better to jump up and down to this song and sing at the top of your lungs: "So what?!"

8. "Boy with Luv"

BTS and Halsey continues to put a big smile on our faces up until today. For us, it's an absolute bright, addictive bop like "Dynamite," but make it a 2000s version.

We don't know what (else) will come our way during this difficult year and beyond. But put this motivating playlist on and, for sure, we'll survive somehow. Here's hoping that they light up your mood like a dynamite, too!

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