HONNE Predicted 2020 Was Going To Be A 'Crazy' Year

Renuel Fallore

Posted at August 20, 2020

Fans of HONNE have been buzzing about how the duo seemed to have "predicted" that 2020 was going to be such a crazy year.

Back in 2018, HONNE released their full-length album Love Me / Love Me Not. Fascinatingly, its 9th track "Shrink" features the line “You better book me a shrink for 2020 / cause by that time I’m gonna be crazy”. Yup, they told everyone that this year wasn't going to be good at all and we should’ve listened!

Of course, the duo saw the messages from fans about how they perfectly predicted 2020 and how the song "aged well" indeed. They even wrote a hilarious tweet about how everyone now thinks they're time travellers..

On Instagram, the indie pop act joked about going to the year 2030. But this time, they reassured fans that things are going to be awesome. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this prediction will be accurate, too.


we had to come back from the year 2030 just to write this post. 2030 is awesome guys you’re gonna love it.

A post shared by HONNE (@hellohonne) on

In the meantime, listen to this bop from HONNE which was released over two years ago:

Courtesy: HONNE

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