FRANK IERO Describes MCR's 2013 Disbandment As "A Scary, Scary Time"

Brianne Constantino

Posted at August 20, 2020

It's been nine months since My Chemical Romance announced their much anticipated reunion and we still find it hard to believe that the emo rockers are back as one cohesive unit.


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Now, guitarist Frank Iero is opening up about their 2013 disbandment, recalling the aftermath of their initial split.

In an interview for Ernie Ball's String Theory series, Frank shared that he felt a sense of panic following their hiatus. He said: "When My Chem ended, it was a feeling of closure on that but also, at the same time, this panic sets in because you have done something for so long and it almost defined you."

Frank also described the ordeal as a scary time in his life: "There’s comfort in that, but there’s also this feeling of, ‘Oh my god, well now what do you do? Who are you?’ If that didn’t actually define you, what do you do now? It’s a scary, scary time."

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