Is B.I Hinting At His Solo Comeback?

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 19, 2020

A new Instagram page was launched in July with the username @2131_vibe and fans believe it's being run by B.I who uses the same number on his now-private personal IG account @shxxbi131. It's also followed by his family's fragrance business Lab 5GAM.

On August 19, the page posted a new photo featuring the word "begun" which was captioned "D-65."















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The numbers "10" and "22" can also be seen in the photo grid. And guess what's 65 days from now? October 22 - B.I's birthday! Is he hinting at his solo comeback?

Another possible clue? B.I. is known for wearing band-aids on his face and there were band-aid photos on the said account which have since been deleted.

Since his departure from iKon and YG Entertainment, B.I has released four demos on his SoundCloud. We're ready for more, Kim Hanbin!
















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