Iconic Emo Drawing Is Finally Getting A 2020 Makeover

Brianne Constantino

Posted at August 17, 2020

A lot of us went through that dark emo phase once in our lives. Besides our playlists heavily consisting of tracks from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Boys Like Girls and My Chemical Romance, there's this old chibi drawing depicting two emo lovers we've seen or even shared in our respective social media pages.


Hey everyone, it has recently come to my attention that a VERY old drawing of mine which apparently got popular on the Spanish-speaking internet has resurfaced. Someone suggested that I post the original here... so here's some glorious high school artwork from 2006! 😭😂 It seems to have brought about a trove of new followers, so thank you all for your support!! Gracias por el apoyo ♥ I do plan to redraw this piece soon. Hopefully it will be something everyone likes. Maybe I will make it a tradition to redraw it every few years, even. P.S. If you're new here, I mostly post work for my fantasy comic Fiendish, as well as occasional commissions, and monthly fanart for my patreons. Cheers, and welcome ♥ P. P. S. I am so going to learn Spanish now. #emo #emolove #anime #cute #chibi #drawing #olddrawings #doodle #love #cuddle #amor #hug #hugz #goth #punk #illustration #reniedraws #instaart #artofinstagram

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Apparently, the 2006 art has recently resurfaced and its original creator Irene Strychalski has revealed that she's giving the emo piece a 2020 update! She excitingly shared a preview of the new drawing on Instagram: "I promised I would make a new version of the huggy drawing! I'm keeping my promise! This is still rough but I wanted to show everybody a sneak peek."

Irene has come a long way since her iconic artwork first surfaced. She's done work for several comic book companies most notably Marvel.


A post shared by Irene Strychalski (@reniedraws) on

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