EMMAN NIMEDEZ Receives Tribute Tweet From Idol ZILD Of IV OF SPADES

Renuel Fallore

Posted at August 17, 2020

YouTuber Emman Nimedez's final moments in the social media world revolved around genuine positivity and hope. 

Before he passed away this Sunday from acute myeloid leukemia, he's been sharing ounces of optimism for his followers to see while battling the terminal disease.














tamang buo lang

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On August 7, Emman took to Twitter to praise Zild Benitez after hearing his newly released solo album Homework Machine. "Boss [ganda] ng album mo boss," the popular vlogger replied to a previous tweet by the IV OF SPADES bassist.

​Zild took the time to reply to thank Emman and showed support for his battle as well. "Salamat boss andito kami palagi para sa'yo boss," the "habulan" singer-songwriter responded.

As sad as it sounds, it turns out that this will be the very last interaction of Emman with a fellow artist on Twitter.

It's not a secret that Emman is a fan of IV OF SPADES. Back in May 2018, he even made a vlog saying that he aspires to be a new IVOS member! He even "jammed" to the band's sophomore single "Hey Barbara" after showing the hilarious "audition video" that he created.

Courtesy: EmmanNimedezTV

Zild was also able to pay his last respects to Emman by sharing the latter's single "Teka Lang" with a simple tweet saying, "Salamat."

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