BRISOM's Latest Track "Joan" Is About Getting Out Of A Toxic Relationship

Renuel Fallore

Posted at August 14, 2020

How about a Brisom song to make your quarantine days more exciting? The band continues to impress listeners with their really catchy synth-pop sound in the previously unreleased track “Joan”.


Our newest track “Joan” is finally out everywhere! 🔥 • Link on bio.👆🏼

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Brisom has played "Joan" on numerous gigs from the past. And now, frontman Brian Sombero decided to rearrange the song and officially release it as a single 9 years after it was made.

According to Brian, “Joan” tells a story of getting out of a toxic relationship. “I used to make music based from my experiences and Joan is one of those tracks I chose to move on with ‘cause it has a bad memory attached to it.“ He also clarified that there's no actual Joan, he just found the name beautiful.

With the help of DJ Joey Santos, the band succeeded in polishing this nine-year old song at long last. "Joan" is ready see the light of day! Listen to this Brisom track below:

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