How to Prepare for Virtual Job Interviews

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 14, 2020


If you're looking a job right now when most, if not all, are working from home, you can expect to get invited for a virtual interview instead. It's distinctly suitable in the world's current situation and has become quite the default mode of human communication. However, it could trigger a different level of anxiety as compared to face-to-face interactions.

Cameras on, and we have no choice but to look on the other person on the screen. We'll think, is this enough to present ourselves? The best way to beat that is by preparing in the same way we'll do if the interview is played out offline. Here are some tips:

1. Find the perfect spot. First off, look for the most decent corner of your house that you can use as the backdrop during the interview. Make sure it's presentable and organized. You can also take the opportunity to stay authentic with things that could say something about who you are and what you're like. Keep it noise-free, too, and lock the door to avoid potential distractions.

2. Test your equipment. Let's be honest, our internet can get crappy at times, but it shouldn't be while we're holding the interview. So, ahead of time, log in and check if your connectivity is working at its best. Put your microphone, phone, laptop or whatever gadget you'll be using to test, too. You don't want to run out of battery and run for the charger in the middle of the session, you know.

3. Follow the right dress code. Even if you're beside your bed at the comforts of your home, dress the part of being an employee in search. Stay professional in smart casual - buttondown, blazer, jeans. Do it from top to bottom regardless if you're interviewer will see your full body or not from the small screen. It'll surely get you on work mode.

4. Make connection. Just like when you're scheduled for a real-life interview, study questions that could probably be asked and familiarize yourself more with the background of the company that you're applying to. Rehearse your answers out loud beforehand that may be of use one way or another in the interview. During the actual talk, ask questions, show interest for the position, and, as always, be yourself.

Don't let the "virtual" in the interview stop you from pursuing that post. Say yes and when you do, be confident - just not too confident in a way that you won't even bother preparing and dressing up because you're in your comfort zone at home. Make a good impression virtually. Ready?

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