R&B Artist JASON DHAKAL Sounds Off About "Rich Artista Kids With Mediocre Talent" On Twitter

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Posted at August 11, 2020

On Monday afternoon, up-and-coming artist Jason Dhakal took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the workings of the local music industry. During his tweeting-spree, he claimed to be "so done [with] music."


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"It’s weird to me how [people] will automatically give a platform to rich artista kids w/ mediocre talent who already are financially set for life while local rappers here risk their livelihood to make music & get 0 recognition lol," the R&B artist, who moved from Oman to the Philippines to pursue his music career, said in a tweet.

"Like u know these [people] make music for capitalism & because that’s the trending sound," he continued. "Yet [people] who actually make music & risk their entire future for it get paid no attention i’m kinda tired of having to work 4x harder just because i don’t have an artista parent to depend on lol."

A few minutes later, he recalled a previous encounter he had with an "artista kid" who was initially unsure about making music, but was given a two-year contract after his/her parents hooked him/her up to a local record label. "So much unfairness i’ve witnessed & so much talent not given attention just because their last name is unrecognizable," he tweeted.

He then went on to retweet a clip of Michael Pacquiao—son of boxing legend and Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao—rapping over the latter's hit song "Hate". Alongside the video, Jason wrote: "shit like this makes me want to stop making music honestly lol."

In his defense, Jason quote-tweeted another Twitter user who pointed out that his action "was an attack not solely intended for Michael but on the music industry for accepting mediocrity." He also retweeted the same user's statement about it not being Michael's fault. "But Michael's privilege O B V I O U S L Y catapulted his success, despite the objective lackluster nature of his music. Though Michael doesn't have much of a hand in the system, he still partook of it by using his privilege to push him into music," it read.

Jason recently took part in Paradise Rising#39;s debut mixtape semilucent alongside singer-producer Fern. and rapper Massiah as well as Kiana V and Leila Alcasid, who are daughters of OPM veterans Gary Valenciano and Ogie Alcasid, respectively. An ethereal music video for his track "Endlessly+Tenderly" off the said record was released on August 5. Watch it below:

Courtesy: 88rising

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