4 Minimalist Couple Tattoo Ideas That You and Your S.O. Won't Regret

4 Minimalist Couple Tattoo Ideas That You and Your S.O. Won't Regret

Maan de Vera

Posted at August 07, 2020


Although it’s sometimes frowned upon to get a couple’s tattoo especially if you’re at an early stage in your relationship, this doesn’t stop most to do it anyway. That’s why we are taking it upon ourselves to give you minimalist ink ideas for you and your significant other. After all, you may love them with all your heart, but still, nothing is really permanent and breakups do exist. We don’t want you to end up with a giant mark in your skin that reminds you only of pain, right?

Here are 4 minimalist couple tattoo ideas you won’t regret.

1. Identical Tattoos
















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This of something that the two of you genuinely like as individuals. Once you're both set on an object, a symbol, or anything really, find an artist who can do a line art of it. This way, you have a simple yet meaningful couple tattoo that stays true to each one of you.

2. Yinyang

Yinyang is a reminder that there is good in bad and there is bad in good. It’s a powerful message when they are together, but it’s still meaningful even when apart...just like the two of you. That’s why it’s a perfect couple tattoo.

3. Geometric Shapes
















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Matching shapes designs may seem like they’re too plain, but TBH they’re really cool, too! You can do variations of different shapes, play with the thickness of the lines, and decide on the shading that you prefer.

4. Halfsies

You can pick any uncomplicated design and split it into two. Not only will this make an awesome effect when you place your skin against each other, it will also be super interesting when you look at them separately.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is really figure out what’s the best representation of your individual identities that make you work well as a couple at the same time. So take your time and you’ll come up with a great tattoo!

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