These DAY6 Songs are the Perfect Soundtrack to Lift Your Mood

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 07, 2020

It's during this challenging time when we need motivation the most. IIt's a good thing that we have music to offer us just that - helping us to stay calm, feel better, and keep going. That's exactly what DAY6 is best at creating. We've watched them on stage once and during then, realized their knack for seeing right through the youth by delivering inspiring speeches and lyrics.

We're really grateful that this band from South Korea was born in the same era as us. Pick up the same encouragement we got from their songs below:

1. "For Me"

If you're not one to make it a habit to talk to yourself, this song will do the honor for you - telling yourself that you are brave, you're doing great, you can do it, and you can love yourself.

Courtesy: DAY6

2. "Letting Go"

It's all about the goodness that'll come out of accepting that it's time to let go and will remind you that the pain it'll cause is just temporary. Everything else will be okay soon.

Courtesy: DAY6

3. "When You Love Someone"

This song will keep you company - will smile with you and cry with you. Isn't it that, sometimes, just knowing that one person even from afar understands you and is thinking of you already worth more?

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

4. "Time Of Our Life"

We have this incredible track to make us see the bright side of this dark time. =It reminds us that we don't have to worry because we can still fill it up with good memories and can be a beautiful page of our youth that we can look back to in the future.

Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

5. "Better Better"

Find at least one person or one thing that can be your reason to continue getting up is what this song tells you. Perhaps, this track is enough to do that for us.

Courtesy: DAY6

6. "Somehow"

The words from this song will be our reminder that one of these days our battles will pass, we'll regain the strength to live and laugh again, and we'll survive somehow. Everything will be alright.

DAY6's music has become more and more relevant than ever. Go curate a playlist especially dedicated to these precious boys. It's what you need now and always.

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