5 K-Dramas That Make Us Miss School

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 04, 2020

We miss school. Yes, you read that right. Recitations may be nerve-racking, homeworks may be taking so much of our resting time, and waiting for grades may be stressing us out, but all of that cannot take away the overall fun we get from learning, joining after-school activities, being with friends, and catching a glimpse of our crush(es).

And with the implementation of no face-to-face classes, youth K-dramas have become the solace to our longing - or not, as it makes us miss attending classes even more. Nonetheless, the feels they're giving us could work for the meantime.

1. Dream High

You'll find yourself pine for the monthly school events, performing and competing with the whole class and your other extracurriculars as you rewatch this teen series.

2. Sassy Go Go

This 2015 K-drama brings feels familiar to those who have a great circle of friends in the campus as well as the demanding call for good grades and achievements - not that we want to live school like that again.

3. School 2017

If you're not the kind to sit down on injustice but instead challenges the system and works to make changes, then it's School 2017 and the rest of School series all the way.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Basically all members of the varsity team and/or anyone involved in sports organizations could relate to this, making you want to get back on court ASAP.

5. To The Beautiful You

This one will give us hope that one of these days, we will finally make it in school and have a chance to talk to our crush again. 'Cause stalking their social media will never be enough.

We all have our reasons for often not having the energy to wake up for school and dreading what lies ahead. But, despite that, we also can list reasons to miss spending time there. We hope that these shows help you cope with the feeling for the time being.

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