3 Ways the Youth's Opinions are Being Invalidated

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 03, 2020


Like you, we've unintentionally put ourselves in a middle of a discussion where our opinions don't matter - at least, according to the people who are older than us during family dinners and gatherings, actually. And as much as we want to make ourselves matter, their overwhelming ways of invalidating us tend to always get the better of our urge to speak up.

It's time that we stop being passive and differentiating if they are being concerned seniors giving life advice or they're just being undemocratic against us younget folks. We think that it's the latter if they're doing these:

1. They point out your lack of experience.

"Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako" is what we used to hear. Elders choose to define the value of our words by the amount of time we've lived in this world when they should be considering that maybe, we've been through tough situations that they've never been in. Our time is different from their time.

2. They consider you as disrespectful.

You open your mouth and you will be called out for having "bad manners." Even when you simply just jump into their conversations and most especially when they're being righteous about what they believe in or when you oppose the system they are supporting. They expect you to always just nod in agreement.

3. They think that you're always in need of protection.

In their eyes, you are always the young ones who are yet to take things seriously, who don't understand important life matters, and who need guidance while growing up. Sure, we can use their wisdom, but that they should never forget our right to be heard.

We should honor the words of our elders. They might not be always right, but their practical exposure to life could, beyond question, serve us lessons. It's just also important that they hear the youth out - if that's not too much to ask.

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