4 Things We Do That Are Mistaken As Laziness

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 30, 2020


We are not lazy. But, sometimes, no matter how hard we defend ourselves, people (particularly the elders) still think otherwise of us because they have this fixed mindset that we always have to be on the move. It makes sense, true, at least if you are mentally healthy, with less worries and you know exactly where you need to be in - unlike us, who are the opposite.

Being the way we are, however, causes others to confuse the things that we do as being lazy. Here are the common activities we do that may be considered by others as being "tamad."

1. Procastinating

Saying "wait, I'll do it later" and being lazy aren't the same thing. It just sometimes signals our fear to start and to take a risk. For some, it could mean unpreparedness to the uncertainty of what the outcome of our actions will be.

2. Saying "No"

We turn down invitations to get out of the house, people already think that we lack effort and are good for nothing. No, that's not it. We just rather stay home because problems make us believe that we don't deserve to have fun, or a lot is going on in our minds that we prefer not to talk to anyone and just spend time reflecting on our own.

3. Doing nothing

Compared to others who do their crafts, play games, party or whatever their hobbies are, we usually spend our free time in idleness. Again, you're getting it wrong if you refer to that as laziness. Because, in reality, it's just us either taking a break since yes, we deserve it, or us having no idea what we should do. Feeling lost, as we call it.

4. Quitting

Don't take us dropping our projects or leaving our job synonymous to being lazy. The more accurate explanation to that is us realizing that they're not what will give us happiness and satisfaction. And instead of prolonging the misery, we're getting ourselves out of it to explore our options, grow, and consequently find our right path.

As much as we hate to waste time, remember that you also don't need to rush things. People can call you lazy all they want and you can defend yourself all you want, but what matters is that the things you're doing, you're doing for yourself. We believe you know what's best for you.

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