WATCH: JOSH GAD Wants DAISY RIDLEY To Answer His Question About The New Star Wars Film

WATCH: JOSH GAD Wants DAISY RIDLEY To Answer His Question About The New Star Wars Film

Christine Guariña

Posted at January 26, 2017

Josh Gad is every Star Wars fan in this video. 

The title of the eight installment of Skywalker saga has been revealed earlier this week. And since then, The Last Jedi has fans speculating on who that one Jedi be.  A big fan of the epic series, the Frozen actor tried to find out more about the mysterious title by asking Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley.

As co-stars in the film Murder On The Orient Express, Josh was readily able to ask Daisy about the upcoming film. He shared a video on his social media account where he roasts Daisy saying, "I invited Daisy Ridley to my trailer under false pretenses #NotARehearsal #IWantTheTruth #TheLastJedi." 

When she entered the trailer, Daisy immediately said, "You wanted to ask me something?"  to which he replied, "Yeah, I have something really important to ask you. I meant to call you last night. It's about today's scene. Um, who are the last Jedi?"

"Cause is it 1 or is it more than 1? Is it plural?...Is it more than one Jedi? It sounds ominous...does something happen to you and Mark, or just Mark? Are you a Jedi? Answer my damn question, Daisy!" begged Josh.

He persistently tried his very best to get something out of his co-star but her lips are sealed, "It does sound ominous. We can't have this conversation."

Out of his eargerness to know who the last Jedi is, Josh revealed something about the second installment of Frozen: the lovable snowman Olaf -who likes warm hugs - will be back!

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