The Pros and Cons of Being a Young Tita

The Pros and Cons of Being a Young Tita

Maan de Vera

Posted at July 24, 2020


Being a young mom is no easy feat, but you know what comes in close second? That’s being a young aunt. While you don’t carry the responsibility of a birthmother, you’ll still be signing up for a rollercoaster ride with your niece or nephew especially if you live with them.

Here are the pros and cons of having a pamangkin.

Pro: They’re cute.

They’ll definitely fill your camera rolls and social media accounts, but it’s worth it. You’ll fall in love with their innocence and curiosity. Even the sound of their tiny voice would be enough to send butterflies down your belly.

Con: They’re cute.

They’re smart and know that they’re irresistible. You’ll find it hard to say no to their request. You’ll even find yourself risking not meeting a deadline so that you can play with them instead.
















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Pro: You don’t make the rules.

You don’t have to. Usually, your task is to ask their parents what they can or can’t do. You don’t have to be the bad guy when they can’t eat a treat or play with something they’re not allowed to. You’re allowed to point fingers.

Con: You don’t make the rules.

Different people have different parenting styles. It’s a given that you won’t always agree with everything that they do to their kids. So, sometimes, you just have to sit back and let them call the shots even if you’re iffy about it.
















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Pro: They’re not yours.

You can return them whenever things are getting out of hand. It’s like being a part-time mother in a way. Once things get out of hand, you can always just hand them over and regain your child-free life back.

Con: They’re not yours.

You’ll have to return them. Even if you still want to hang out with them for a little longer, there are times when you just simply have to give them back to your sibs for whatever reason. You want to be with them all the time, but you know that that’s not possible.
















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Being an aunt means having someone look up to you, getting an instant best friend, and being someone’s playmate forever. The good times definitely outweigh all the bad with just one look at these little ones.  

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