3 Times Kim Soo Hyun's Character In "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" Was So Relatable

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 22, 2020

If you ask us, we actually decided to watch It's Okay To Not Be Okay for the reasons that its teaser looks thrilling and that it stars one of our original K-drama biases, Kim Soo Hyun. Now that the series has reached its halfway point, we realized that we have made the right choice. Yep, there's the feeling of thrill. But. most importantly, there's Soo Hyun and his extra relatable character as Moon Gang Tae.

Soo Hyun's role as a psychiatric ward worker with no time to spare for pleasure leaves us with a rush of emotions and  the desire to reflect on life. Gang Tae isn't only a drama character. He's an embodiment of a real human being. He's just like every one of us. Let these moments prove it to you:

1. He bottles up his emotions.

Gang Tae thinks suppressing what he feels - like the strain of taking care of his mentally-challenged brother and his frustration over his life status - and putting on a fake smile will make everything and everyone around him okay. He doesn't realize that doing it for so long will cause his pent-up emotions to eventually explode out of control. We do that so often, too, and facing that explosion is what scares us most.

2. He sometimes wants to let go of his responsibilities.

He has always kept himself booked and busy with work and brother duties and never once took a break to enjoy himself. He's got accustomed to it, but, from time to time, the urge to run away and live a more relaxed life surfaces in his head. What's stopping him is the fear of hurting his brother's feelings. Escape might be the easy way out but, same goes with us, it's in our human nature to not be okay with being selfish.

3. He feels sorry for having fun.

One day, he got the chance to take a break, go for a drive, laugh, and fall in love. It may have given him a bit of happiness. But, afterwards, it still left him questioning his decision and apologizing for leaving things behind and attempting to live in the moment even for just a while. Because, with already full hands, he feels like he doesn't deserve it. Feels familiar, right? No matter how many times we advise ourselves to let loose, we'll always doubt if there's a good thing that'll come out of it.

Not all of us know how to put fun in our priorities list. Not all of us are even put-together, making it so easy to relate to Gang Tae. And we're confident that throughout It's Okay To Not Be Okay, he'll get through it, and we'll be doing it with him when he does. 

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