SHINee's ONEW Addresses Fans Following Military Discharge

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 20, 2020

SHINee's Onew is celebrating his official return date from the military today with a letter to fans.

"SHINee World! How have you been? This is SHINee’s leader Onew. Thank you for waiting for me while I was serving in the military. Let’s try to meet more often! Let’s have fun and sing together for a long time! Thank you!" said Onew on the K-Pop group's official website.

He also left fans with a voice recording saying, "Hello, this is SHINee’s Onew. Today, on July 20, 2020, I was discharged from the military. Yes sir! I wanted to meet and greet you personally on a day like this, but this is how I’m saying hello.

"It was thanks to SHINee World’s support that I was able to return healthily from my service. I will work hard to impress even more since you waited for me with so much love. Please wait just a little bit more. This has been SHINee’s Onew. See you soon. Thank you."

Meanwhile, SHINee's social media page shared a photo of Onew in his military uniform in front of a "Welcome back" banner.

Today is the original date of Onew's return from service, but he got an early release last July 8 during his leave. He was not ordered to return anymore as part of South Korea's COVID-19 protocol.

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