NIKI Drops New Single "Selene" From Upcoming Album ‘Moonchild’

Camille Santos

Posted at July 16, 2020

NIKI has dropped the breathy single titled "Selene". It’s the second track lifted off the Indonesian hitmaker’s upcoming album MOONCHILD, following the release of "Switchblade" in April.

Lyrically, the 88rising artist sings of Selene—the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology—taking over her body and causing her to abandon all care just to be physically near someone. NIKI sings in the opening verse, "She’s taken over. She’s making me want your body closer." On the chorus, she proclaims, "And I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less, baby. Feeling just a little careless lately."

Courtesy: 88rising

In a recent interview with ELLE Singapore, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter that MOONCHILD is a concept album, which is "more on the metaphorical side and less on-the-nose as my previous works have been." She added, "Every song relates to one another, all connecting into one giant storyline, like a musical storybook... but the moral is universal in that it takes a journey of naïveté, courage, betrayal, bad guys, good guys, valleys, mountains, plot twists and turns for one to grow and finally settle into one’s authentic skin."


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