KEIKO NECESARIO Works With London-Based Producers For Upcoming Album ‘Ready, Let Go’

Camille Santos

Posted at July 13, 2020

Keiko Necesario has finally pulled the curtain back on her upcoming sophomore album Ready, Let Go with the release of the carrier single "Right Next To You" last July 4.

"I wrote that back in 2018," the 29-year-old singer-songwriter said of the track in a MYXclusive interview. "I was just thinking that if I can write about my past and if I can write about my present, I wanted to write about my future. Parang what it would feel like if I already found my God’s Best."

She continued, "As time went by, I realized that it’s also about my dreams or my friends. And it’s also about God. It’s also kind of like me and God in a conversation, saying that we’re always gonna be right next to each other."

According to Keiko, the emotive single "says a lot with the music that I’m coming up with, like God’s presence and evidence is actually just there."

Courtesy: Keiko Necesario

Sharing more about her forthcoming full-length project, Keiko said she has two unreleased songs in the album that she recorded in London with producers Chasing Fantasia. Although she refused to give any more detail about said tracks, she said the pair of singles and all the other tracks "are my favorite for different reasons."

"My dream talaga is for my music to go global," she told MYX. "And it’s not just me, you know. That’s our dream for OPM. For it to go global and for people to really know that we are so talented and not just in singing, but also in songwriting. And like performing in general."

Listen to more of Keiko's aspirations for her music and OPM as a whole (and her budding romance with fellow artist Jem Cubil) in our MYXclusive interview below:

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