Fans Think GIRLS' GENERATION Will Reunite At YURI's Cooking Show

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 11, 2020

Eagle-eyed Girls' Generation fans are convinced that the K-Pop group is reuniting very soon at Yuri's YouTube cooking show!
















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The speculations began after SONEs zoomed in on Taeyeon's latest Instagram upload credited to a "pretty kid" and saw the logo of Yuri's program. They also guessed that the person beside her is none other than Tiffany.















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Need more receipts? Yuri commented "Pretty kid beside pretty kid in front of pretty kid. A pile of pretty kids" while Sooyoung wrote "Even when the photo is taken recklessly it's still a pretty kid."

Taeyeon also updated her dog Zero's IG account with his photo beside two girls which seems to be taken in the same place. "I came from dinner. But I ended up just watching," she captioned to which Yuri commented with a familiar tagline from her show Winning Recipe. "Ah Zero-nim... Next time, if you make a reservation, I'll make sure to serve you the course."

There's no other way to explain all these! Right, SONEs?

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