6 K-pop Trainees From New Survival Show "I-Land" That Caught My Attention

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 09, 2020

A new K-pop survival show has come our way. Titled I-Land, it features 23 hopeful trainees all of which will be mentored by three of the industry's biggest producers Rain, Zico, and Bang Si Hyuk, who's also the mastermind behind global phenomenon BTS. Only 12, however, will get to be part of the final debuting boy group.

With two episodes already out, the aspiring idols have got the chance to showcase their talents, and viewers have come to delve into their personalities. Taking everything we've seen so far into consideration, it all comes down to these six trainees that have left a good impression on me.

1. Sunoo

From the very moment this 16-year-old trainee appeared on the screen, his softness and charm are already obvious. But what got my attention is how he delivered TXT's "Crown" performance. The concept fits him well!
















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2. Taki

Definitely, anyone would love this adorable Japanese star for being an epitome of pureness, true friendship and maturity. He got voted out of I-Land by the his longtime pal and fellow trainee Niki but he didn't hold a grudge, instead remains understanding.
















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3. Jungwon

He has only been training for a year and four months, and It's either that's already enough or he was just born to be an idol because his solid and stable vocals during "Into The I-LAND" and "All I Wanna Do" stages just left me in awe. This boy can sing, really!
















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4. Heeseung

His all-rounder talents alone are enough to make him stand out - or even just his first and solo I-Land performance of NCT U's "BOSS." And despite the disapproval of other trainees, I have to say that I admire his kind of leadership and the way he's not bragging about having trained the longest.
















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5. Jay

With his captivating take on NCT U's "7th Sense," his confidence to offer his ideas, his persistence to try and try no matter how manytimes  he failed and get humiliated, I guess I'll be rooting for this talent until the end. 
















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6. Sunghoon

This professional figure skater is also one strong contender for me. From the way I see it, he got a calm demeanor yet an intense stage presence. He also blends well with the team and you must especially see his on and off stage chemistry with Jay. I guess I found a bias.
















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All 23 still have a long way to go. And, as they do, it's either my list will change or will just keep on getting longer. But one thing's for sure, you too are going to stan one or more of them soon enough!

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