5 Filipino Blackjacks Share Their Honest Thoughts On Girls' Generation

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 06, 2020

We never thought we'd see this day but, yes, what started as a raging fanwar among second generation K-pop stans has officially turned into perhaps the world's most friendly fun-war! That's been proven recently by 2NE1's Blackjacks and Girls' Generation's Sones who raced to get their idols' music videos for "Come Back Home" and "Mr. Mr.," the respective girl groups' competing hits back in 2014, to 90 millions views. Since they're not giving them comebacks, they might as well delight themselves with this funwar, right?

And while we're into stanning this reconciliation, we took the chance to ask Filipino Blackjacks below to see how the past years changed what they really think of their faves' "former rival," SNSD, today. Here's what they said:

1. They are versatile.

"Ang thought ko sa SNSD is more on girly concept kasi sila pero not too cute which is pasado sa mga Asian fanboys, kasi they like that kind of concept e. I appreciate the fact that they don't stick to one concept lang especially with their songs. Their music is very catchy din especially sa 'I Got A Boy.' Sobrang interesting kasi it has many transitions to a variety of beats and that's what made them really special." -Dwayne, 16

2. Comparing the two won't do because they're entirely different.

"While 2NE1 & Girls' Generation are both legendary groups in the K-pop scene, they have distinct differences that make them both special. Personally, I was more drawn to 2NE1's music since they give a strong and an empowering vibe than SNSD's concepts. 2NE1 members have unique vocal colors that contract and compliment each other and they just give you a one of a kind experience even on their smallest live gigs. As for SNSD, their music is catchy and great, too, but I think they are more concentrated on the uniformity of their group as a whole than expressing the members' characters individually." -Jonellie, 23

3. You can't help but like some of their songs even if you're not a fan.

"SNSD is a group that played a huge part on K-pop. I really respect them. But I'm not really into the music. I like few of their songs but like in general, their songs are not really (my taste) but that doesn't mean I don't like the artists. Some of the songs I like are 'The Boys' and 'Catch Me If You Can' and 'I Got A Boy.' These are the only ones I really like based on genre and songs.)" -Irem, 18

4. Their talents are not to be discredited.

"For me, I do agree when they say 'SNSD is one of the best girl groups in Korea.' SNSD is not just a girl group with stylish looks that gives girl crush impact but also, their vocals are very stable. Imagine, they always dance and have hard choreography but still can manage to have a stable voice. I think their music is very relatable, even though I am a Blackjack. I dance to 'The Boys,' 'Run Devil Run,' 'Party' and 'Lion Heart.' Those were my favorite songs of SNSD.

"SNSD girls are legends just like 2NE1. They will never be forgotten for they were one of the inspirations of K-pop idols and K-pop fans today." -Safrah, 17

5. They are queens in their own right.

"To be honest, SNSD's music/concept is not my cup of tea. Their concept seems too girly and 'pabebe' for me. I prefer something bad-ass like 2NE1's. But, I must admit, SNSD is talented and some of their songs grew on me after a few listens for years. The first song that I liked from them is 'Catch Me If You Can.' I realized that they can also pull off such concept which is good. They're the only group I consider who can compete with 2NE1 in music charts and awards in their generation. Although, both groups are great on their own." -@zenniaxxi, 21

It's been a longtime coming, but here's what's happening now: Blackjacks and Sones have come together in peace and this character development is something K-pop queens 2NE1 and SNSD should be proud of. Our fingers are crossed that this is a sign that all stan feuds are finally coming to an end. Everybody, take cues from Blackjacks and Sones.

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