LOOK: ED SHEERAN Receives Backlash Over Copycat Comments!

LOOK: ED SHEERAN Receives Backlash Over Copycat Comments!

Christine Guariña

Posted at January 30, 2017

Sometimes being too honest can get you in trouble. 

Ed Sheeran bared his all when he graced the cover of British GQ magazine, where he talked about his similarities with bestfriend Taylor Swift and how he feels about some artists "copying" his sound and style. 

“There are a lot of singer-songwriters around now. I’m not the first but there are more than before. I’m very happy for everyone to be in the same race as me, even if they copy every single thing I’ve done. In a 100m sprint to get a No. 1 album I just know I’m going to win. I don’t care who’s doing what. I just know I’m going to win. I’m going to make sure I come first,” he said in the interview. 

These statements passed off as "arrogant" and "ironic" to a lot of netizens, leading them to trend #EdSheeranIsOverParty. Some of them pointed out that one of his newest singles Shape Of You carries a resemblance to Sia's Cheap Thrills and that this is not the first time that he's accused of plagiarism, being sued twice for it. 

But some of his fans also came to his defense, saying that he's just a "confident man" who has set goals for himself. 

The 25-year-old crooner took to Twitter to clarify his comments after the backlash:

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