MAXIMILLIAN Originally Had A Dark Concept In Mind For "Beautiful Scars" Video

Brianne Constantino

Posted at July 03, 2020

Rising Danish pop singer Maximillian did his first-ever live virtual interview in the country courtesy of MCA Music.


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Last March, our very own MYX VJ Samm Alvero got the chance to get to know more about the "Beautiful Scars" hitmaker via a very fun and insightful phone interview. If you haven't seen the feature yet, check it out below:


Now, it's VJ Anton Fausto's turn to ask the questions. The reaction to the music video has been tremendous. In fact, it earned over 2 million views in less than a month and entered the MYX charts. Talking about the concept, Maximillian revealed that he originally intended for it to have a dark concept. "I did not instruct the music video. I was planning on doing like a dark music video where everything was really, like, showing all the bad things." Ultimately, they went with a positive and vibrant visual.

With the song's powerful message of embracing your flaws, he shared a little piece of advice for people who are finding it hard to come to terms with their individuality. "You can take it in phases. Start out by confessing to yourself that something is up," he said. "When life gives you lemons, you goddamn make some lemonade. You make the best lemonade in the world. If it's not the best the first time, make it tomorrow, make it the day after tomorrow and just keep going and someday it's gonna be the perfect lemonade and I'll be there, I'll happily come and drink it with you."

When asked if he feels a sense of responsibility in helping people cope with their insecurities through his music, Max said he feels none. "I mean, no. Actually not. I don't feel any responsibility for anyone or anything. I just really want to be able to give on what I've learned in life, what I experienced, what I know. I don't feel like I owe anyone anything, you know what I mean? I'm just really, really thankful that people want to listen to my music and want to connect with it. The second you start feeling responsible for other people's happiness is the second that you would become less happy."

In the end, Maximillian said that he's working on brand new music which he plans to release in the near future. "The only thing you can expect from me is that I'll never stop making music." We can't wait to hear more songs from you soon, Max! Check out the full interview here:

Watch the music video for "Beautiful Scars" here:

Courtesy: Maximillian

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