6 Fancams of EXO's Kai That Took Over the Internet

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 06, 2020

No EXO fan is going to starve this 2020. After Suho's first EP, Lay's new lit music, Baekhyun's second solo album, Chen's YouTube cover update, and EXO-SC's nearing comeback, we're about to get a solo debut from Kai next! That means that his hardwork, charismatic visual, premier talent, and inexplicable stage presence will finally be put in the spotlight.

What else is there for us? Most probably another viral fancam! But before he bring forth new ones, let's look back at all the buzzworthy Kai videos that broke through the internet without him even trying:

1. "Jekyll"

Kai in black leather crop top, slow body rolling, and passionately locking in this track off OBSESSION album deserves its 82 thousand views. It's insane!

2. "The Eve"

The green summer shirt definitely looks refreshing on him but the facial expression and controlled lush moves that come with it, that's a whole another talk.

3. "Spoiler"

Vocals are there, and so are his body's rhythm reception, the balance and the appeal. There's no way to deny that Kai owned that solo stage! Just ask the almost one million viewers of this fancam.

4. "Lotto"

The way he switched from our sweet, adorable Jongin to the mesmerizingly intense Kai in a millisecond will go down in history. Yep, duality on the spot. Who's doing it like him?

5. "Love Shot"

This fancam featuring Kai in a fiery red suit has changed three million people's lives. We actually couldn't care less if it keeps popping up on our timeline for the rest of the time.

6. "Tempo"

Kai and "Tempo" are one powerful viral duo, and it shows in its over seven million viewers. Have you seen any other fancam that turned non-fans into fans in a snap? Iconic.

All these have been pinned to our feeds for quite some time and will probably stay like that for now - that is until a new comes around. And with the confirmation of his solo, we're claiming it!

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