How the Current Situation Affects Long-Distance Relationships

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 06, 2020


Just because a long-distance relationship is spelled out as a relationship of two people who don't get to meet on a daily basis because they're geographically far apart from each other, it doesn't mean that they're taking the current quarantine situation as easy as pie. At least not for 24-year-old Advertising graduate Clara who has been holding on to over a 60-mile separation from her boyfriend for six years now.

They thrived working through it prior to this by setting up dates once every month or whenever their schedule allowed. Her beau sometimes stayed in the city overnight quite often on special occassions, and she does the same in Batangas usually during vacation. But, right now, "This pandemic is not helping at all," Clara says. "Parang far apart ka na nga in distance, naging farther apart pa emotionally." Here's how the pandemic is making her already-challenging LDR more of a hard work:

1. There's less opportunity to meet. "Mas lalo kaming 'di nagkita," Clara says on how the current state A.K.A. the almost four-month lockdown is leaving them helpless while taking away even their little chance to bond monthly. "Minsan miss na miss mo, wala ka magawa so mag-sigh ka na lang." 

2. They get too preoccupied. As more days pass, the more they get anxious about the situation and also bored to the extent that they look for things to make themselves busy with other than spending it catching up with each other. "Nakakalimutan ko magchat sa kanya, tapos siya mapapatutok sa laro, ako naman sa anime," she admitted. "Ngayon seldom na din kami magvideocall."

3. Gap becomes harder to bridge. Despite their six-year relationship, both still show interests in various things. They could've been exploring those differences by now and growing together, if only the work-from-home, quarantine, and the boredom that it brings didn't happen. "Mas lumiit 'yung common denominator namin," Clara said then also admitted that "it will be a big conflict in the future."

4. They start to get used to it. There's nothing to talk about and it's like their romantic spark has been put on hold. And while that lasts, Clara starts to just accept it and go with it. "Medyo nasanay na so partly manhid na," she said. "Actually minsan parang wala nga lang, pero alam naman naming okay kami." That, which in all honesty, doesn't seem right for couples.

Frustrating as it may seem, Clara's not one to mope around given how long she's been doing well in surviving this LDR. But at the same time, she's aware of how being stuck in this quarantine time can hurt their relationship in the long run. So what's there left for her to hope than for it to end. In short: She will have to hang in there. Relate?

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