Meet Surf-Punk Collective LA PLAYA: The Band That Speaks For The Youth

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 02, 2020

They're new to the music scene, but tell you what: Filipino four-piece band La Playa really deserves a spot on your playlist, that is especially if you're part of the rising generation. They sing about the youth's lifestyle growing up, and every little thought that comes in between.
















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It's easy to know how they're doing it right, considering that the surf-punk collective is composed of young artists themselves—Nic Gonzales, Pato Rodriguez, Migzy Amores, and Julio Banzon—with the oldest member only at 20. That's one solid backing there.

La Playa broke into the scene in 2019 with the release of their debut single "Soul Surfin'," a wordplay on the sought-after journey of soul searching. "The title speaks for itself. It's really about finding yourself," vocalist Nic said during a MYXclusive interview. "Discovering what your soul wants, I guess. Pretty much as simple as that. We wrote it at that time, I think it was before college, so we're like nervous about growing up and going into the real world." Exactly the case for everyone in that tender age.

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Then came "Barrier Beach" which dropped alongside the groovy instrumental "Reanimator" this 2020. No one can deny that representing young ones' minds is definitely one of the band's specialties. "It's kind of a feeling when we're having fun, not worrying about the future. We don't wanna move on just yet. We want to stay young but, of course, that's not possible," guitarist Julio explained.

Courtesy: mustard music

Both tracks simply complement their youthful vision to play music and make memories as a band. "We love to express what we have. Especially in gigs, we're all about giving the crowd a good time," Julio said. "We came to party—that's the vibe we want to bring."

Watch their full interview with VJs Ai dela Cruz and Dani Mortel below and learn more about how the quartet started, where their name came from, dream collabs, band recos, and more!

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