Singaporean Artist BENJAMIN KHENG Gushes About BEN&BEN

Camille Santos

Posted at July 05, 2020

You might already be familiar with Benjamin Kheng as a member of the now-defunct Singaporean band The Sam Willows or maybe you have come across some of his comedy sketches on TikTok. But it's also highly likely that you got introduced to Benjamin through his friends Ben&Ben.


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Much to the delight of fans, the Singaporean solo artist has teamed up with the nine-piece collective multiple times over the course of the quarantine. Benjamin did a short cover of "Pagtingin" while the OPM band did one of his songs, "Lovers Forever". Ben&Ben also appeared in an episode of his Burning Questions series on Instagram.

During an hour-long MYXclusive interview, Benjamin - who's a namesake of Ben&Ben's Guico brothers: Paolo Benjamin and Miguel Benjamin - couldn't stop gushing about being a HUGE fan and friend of the folk-pop band. So we decided to make a handy guide to everything he said Ben&Ben-related. You're welcome.

On how he was the "biggest fanboy ever" when he met Ben&Ben in Singapore

"I’m always so used to singing in a group, so honestly, when I heard of Ben&Ben and when they decided to take a trip down Singapore, I was like the biggest fanboy ever," he said. "They came to our studio and they sat in the room, and they just made music. And I was like a puddle on the floor…because it reminded me of everything I loved in music that I kinda forgot. I think they have that with them."

On his disbelief that Ben&Ben is also a fan of his music

"I love those guys so much. It’s kinda crazy. I don’t understand why they would be my fan. They have no need to. They’re freaking Ben&Ben." He said that a natural friendship blossomed from their interactions, adding "I love those guys but I tease the hell out of them as well. I really go hard on them."

On doing a proper collab in the future

Benjamin definitely took us by surprise when he said "I think we’re gonna try and maybe write some other new material as well." A COLLAB BETWEEN BEN AND BEN&BEN?! FOR REAL?!

But he said that it would probably take some time since they "would love to eventually do it in person when it’s allowed." He added, "Maybe I’ll fly up there. I think it’d be so much more fun to just be with them in the same space. We’re gonna try and work something out at some point."

On the group being "so poetic" even during a normal conversation

After praising how "Pagtingin" had such a good vibe and movement, Benjamin said Ben&Ben "got a way with lyrics. They’re so poetic. Even when you talk to them in person. They’re just like a writing a poem in front of you."

Check out Benjamin's debut solo EP called A Sea That Never Stops in its entirety below.

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