2020 Moments That Made Us More Desperate for a "Scarlet Heart" Sequel

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at July 01, 2020

While 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for the K-drama world, we can't deny that 2016 was among the best ones with the variety of series that came out during the time. All of that being said, we want to give extra credit to Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the drama that tops the list for us in terms of soundtrack, cast, star-crossed romance, swoon-worthy leading men, plot twists, heartbreak, and cliffhanger - the last two go hand in hand, yes.

It really goes beyond the usually satisfying shows that we've seen. It deserves all the tears we've shed, moreover, it deserves a sequel. Yep, four years on and we're still waiting. And we're getting more desperate each day especially with all these things happening:

1. Baekhyun reminisced about the drama. In a recent interview, the EXO member talked about the role he played in the drama, 10th Prince Wang Eun, and described the experience as fun. FYI, it was his acting debut and he said if his schedule allows, he might do one again, probably when he's 30. What's two more years of waiting if it means another Scarlet Heart series, right? It might be a prequel in Baek's case, though, or - spoiler alert! - a reincarnation.

2. IU and Baek's fight scene resurfaced. Both idol-actors made their comeback about the same time in May making them go head-to-head in music charts. Witty Scarlet Heart enthusiasts took it a perfect time to bring back their mischievous brawling episode from the series. That was iconic, we have to say, and fitting for the moment.

3. Baek and Kang Han Na reunite. The K-pop idol guested on Han Na's radio program simply to promote his solo comeback single "Candy." But, of course, we can't help but rejoice over the simple fact that the two Scarlet Heart stars just got together again after a couple of years (Han Na played the female antagonist in the series) and even more when IU left a comment on their video doing the "Candy Challenge!"

4. IU covered Baek's song. In the latest episode of her YouTube show, IU sang "UN Village" by Baekhyun and even addressed him by his Scarlet Heart character "the 10th Prince who once lived in the palace." The EXO singer saw it and tweeted, "Soo-yah! Soo sang my song!," also calling IU by her Hae Soo character. What more? He followed IU on Instagram and she followed him back within minutes!

5. "Say Yes" got a remake. Without a doubt, this track is our favorite off the drama's official soundtrack. It was originally performed by Punch and Loco. But, this year, it was given a fresh take as Punch tapped Mamamoo's Moonbyul to do a collaboration, thus, a new version of "Say Yes" happened. And yes, we love it!

Courtesy: 1theK (원더케이)

6. IU and Lee Joon Gi had an adorable IG exchange. If there's anything that's been giving us the most Scarlet Heart feels, it's none other than the real-life friendship between the series' main couple IU (Hae Soo) and Joon Gi (Wang So) and the fact that like us, they too, can't move on from it! Their IG interactions can prove that when IU wrote, "You're finally here," to a video of Joon Gi in front of a Korean historical site and the latter responding, "It took a long time" - dramatizing what could've been a better ending for the drama.

7. Lee Joon Gi showed support for IU's upcoming movie. This didn't come as a surprise because, for years since they've worked together, the two have been really supportive of each other: The actor coming to watch IU's concerts, making cameos to each other's project and the latest, Joon Gi sending a food truck on the filming site of IU's new movie Dream. We guess we can bear the ack of a Scarlet Heart sequel as long as their friendship keeps going forever.
















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The message is clear and simple: No one's moving on from Scarlet Heart, and it's as clear as what we all need: A second season. And, at this point, there's no way we'll ever shut up about it.

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