6 Times Lee Sung Kyung Proved She Can Be a Stan-Worthy Idol

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 29, 2020

Started as a model, Lee Sung Kyung is currently here impressing us in every role given to her: as a weighlifter, a materialistic adoptee, a musical actress, even as a doctor. She truly is one of South Korea's most talented leading ladies. But we'll tell you what, with her level of versatility, Sung Kyung can actually pass as a K-pop idol, too!

The girl is far more than just acting. Solo or a member of a girl group, here are proof that swag queen Sung Kyung can be your bias, too:

1. She danced to "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du." You won't believe your eyes once you get to watch Sung Kyung nail the obviously intricate choreography of Blackpink's hit. It's not something anyone can do!

2. She went beyond fierce dancing. The skills are already there, so why not make sure we all know she can move to all genres with a contemporary dance cover of Bang Yedam's "Wayo." We've got no more reason to doubt her.

Courtesy: Heybiblee

3. She sang in the Trolls movie. In 2017, the female artist was tapped alongside idol-actor Park Hyung Sik to do the Korean version of "True Colors," theme song of the said animated film. And it was enough to show off her vocal prowess.

Courtesy: ๋”ฉ๊ณ  ๋ฎค์ง / dingo music

4. She carpool karaoked to "A Whole New World." Yep, sky's the limit for Sung Kyung's singing chops. She can also perfectly hit every note of the classic Aladdin soundtrack even while driving, and even got the approval of the original Princess Jasmine, Lea Salonga.

5. She makes cool beats. Sung Kyung has proven herself a potential rapper during an episode of Running Man, and her clean flow and confidence actually gave the cast goosebumps. If only the hip hop scene could give her the call, she could probably break records.

Courtesy: SBS Running Man

6. She's a multi-instrumentalist. As a singer and a music enthusiast, it's only natural that she can also play various musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, and piano. We won't be surprised if she starts writing and producing songs later on!

Courtesy: tvN

She may be better known as an actress as well as a fashion inspiration, but now we know that her range deserves credits far more than we ever give her. Stan Lee Sung Kyung!

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