What to Do When Your Fave Becomes the Center of a Controversy

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 26, 2020

It's typical for celebrities to be caught up in controversies, even the biggest ones in the industry. It doesn't matter how much they try to avoid it or how many times they draw lines between their public and personal lives in order to protect their reputation. News travels fast but more than that, rumors travel faster. And sadly, sometimes people don't bother discerning as to which is which.

In times like this, what can a fan do? A part of your fandom might expect you to stay loyal and defend your fave. Ideal, yes, but before you decide to do so, here's what we think you should do first:

1. Stay still. At least from the outset, refrain from letting your emotions nor bias get the best of you and make you type comments on social media that you could possibly regret in the future. Give yourself time to take in what's happening. Your words have power and you'll never know, it might only add fuel to the fire.

2. Keep track of things. Read the news updates about the issue everyday. Go through every page of the story and look at it from every angle, and make sure that you do it from sources that only give out facts. This will really help you come up with the right decision of whether you're staying on your fave's side or laying low from the fandom.

3. Steer clear from fanwars. You may feel criticized or wronged for your judgements, but don't make things worse by getting defensive and fighting back. Some will really try to use your idol's current situation to drag them and prove a point. Be smart enough to know that what they say is not important; your stance is what matters most. You can point out false impressions, but step away when it becomes out of hand.

You can't fix things for your favorite celebrities. It's only about approaching the situation and reaching a resolution to support them or spend some time apart from them, if you need to.

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