9 Ways You Can Get A Full BTS Experience—Besides Their Music

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 24, 2020

BTS has been known as artists that transcend the musical genre that's expected of them - K-pop. They're now bigger than that, breaking down language barriers, defying stereotypes, sparking change with charitable donations, pushing forward conversations on matters of bullying and violence, shattering records after records, and becoming worldwide superstars and leaders that are definitely going down in history.

But you know what else they refuse to do conventionally? It's the way they express their creative wonders and, yep, that means they go beyond the music. Get right down to all these to make the most of your Bangtan experience:

1. Documentaries

BTS has released exclusive glimpses into their lives as artists on and off stage, that came in the form of series (Burn The Stage and Break The Silence) and movies (Burn The Stage: The Movie, Love Yourself in Seoul and Bring The Soul) - all of which have become some of the highest grossing events in cinemas.

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2, Variety shows

Ever since they've burst into the scene, they have launched a number of web series starring the septet in their natural comical and competitive selves. They have Rookie King, American Hustle Life, BTS Gayo, travel show Bon Voyage (already in its fourth season,) and, our ever favorite, Run BTS!

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3. Mobile games

It's sad to say that the rhythm-based game Superstar BTS has recently ended their service. But the good news is that they have teamed up with card game UNO! for a new digital version featuring BTS collectibles, avatars, etc. But what you shouldn't miss joining in is visual mission game BTS World where you can work as the idols' manager who'll help them debut and be the world's biggest act. Original theme "Heartbeat" and other of their hits will play while you're on it.

4. BT21

In 2017, a partnership between the K-pop phenom and South Korea communication app Line gave birth two eight character 'Universtar' friends personally designed by the members. RM made Koya, Suga's Shooky, Jin's RJ, J-Hope's Mang, Jimin's Chimmy, V's Tata, Jungkook's Cooky, and there's the guardian Van. Witness them spread love across the galaxy through YouTube animation series and, yes, you can collect their merch.

Courtesy: BT21 

5. Webtoon

Just as their most talked about alternate Bangtan Universe deserves, they came up with a webtoon series based on it in 2018 titled Save Me, a namesake of their hit 2016 track off The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever album. That 15-episode chapter might have confirmed some ARMYs theories and even opened new ones. In short, we need a second season.

6. Notes

Still in relation to the BTS Universe, there is a book collection of the members' fictional characters' diary entries called The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: The Notes 1 where they reflect on "feelings of being lost, absence, suffering and insecurity, of the boys facing their fate." It could help to dive into it by watching their music videos like "I Need U" and Highlight Reels.
















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7. Korean lesson

We may have our ways to understand BTS' art - generous ARMY translators and Big Hit finally making English subtitles available on their video contents - but there's nothing to lose in wanting to quickly pick up what the members are saying, right? BTS has the same thoughts and initiated Learn Korean With BTS, an educational series aiming to teach fans their language and see them enjoy their music more.
















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8. Graphic Lyrics

Soon, a new way to experience BTS lyrics will be on our hands through Graphic Lyrics, a series of picture books illustrating five of the group's songs from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life or HYYH era. It includes "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone," "Save Me," "House of Cards," "RUN, " and "Butterfly." Arriving on June 29th, it's dedicated to more than just the ARMYs.

9. Drama series

Here's another thing to look forward: Big Hit and Chorokbaem Media, the production company behind Memories of Alhambra, are mounting a drama inspired by the story being told in the Bangtan Universe, and it's called Blue Sky. There are no further details yet on how it's going to go but, so far, casting for rookie actors to represent the seven lead characters is already underway. 
















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Making history seems never enough for these global kings, always leaving room for new feats and endless ways to spoil their massive ARMYs all over the world. With these, we can therefore conclude, stanning BTS is the best decision ever.

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