JASON MRAZ's Message To The LGBT Community: "Celebrate Who You Are"

Brianne Constantino

Posted at June 22, 2020

VJ Ai Dela Cruz caught up with American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz who recently released his brand new album Look For The Good.


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Mr. A-Z shared just how quarantine life has been treating him. "You know, on the surface of the earth, it's quite comfortable. On the internal, you know, dealing with empathy and compassion for what's going on in the world has been a heavy time."

He also revealed that aside from making new music while on lockdown, he's re-learning how to play the piano. "Well, because I was forced to stay home and someone gave me a good piece of advice. They say, just master whatever's in front of you and I realized I hadn't sat down at the piano for a very long time. As a traveler, it's hard to carry around a piano with me so for this quarantine period, I've really been re-teaching myself how to play piano and using that time to dive in."

Jason's new album Look For The Good is a 12-track offering that continues his tradition of spreading positivity and good vibes to his fans through his music.


Look For The Good. New album available June 19th. Pre-order this Friday at #look4thegood

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A proud member and advocate of the LGBT community, Jason wrote "You Do You", a collaboration with Tiffany Haddish, that serves as an anthem about embracing one's true self. "Yeah, my message to the LGBT community is thank you because through leadership, activism, policy change, our efforts to change policies that are equal for all, that requires a lot of courage and a lot of energy so thank you."

He added: "I joined the movement humbled and I encourage anyone who's on the fence to get on board and celebrate who you are and you will be in a community of people who celebrate and love who you are for what you are and do."

Stream Look For The Good here:

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