ZICO Produced A Song For HWASA's Solo Album

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 22, 2020

Hwasa finally revealed the tracklist for her solo mini album María which drops on June 29!

It will have seven tracks including the Mamamoo singer's 2019 debut single "twit" and six new ones: "Intro: Nobody Else", "María", "WHY", "I'm Bad Too" featuring South Korean rapper DPR Live, "LMM", and "Kidding" which was produced by ZICO!

Apparently, it was ZICO who initiated the collaboration. "About before or right when I started working on the album Zico oppa came to our company with multiple songs. Firstly, I was shocked for the first time at that because I was so thankful but I couldn’t express that in words to him," Hwasa shared in a Vlive interview.

"He played about 3 songs in our CEO’s room and 'Kidding' was the first song he played and thought this was a style I could have tried but haven’t, not even once so I wanted to work on it together.

"But I was sorry because I wanted to help writing lyrics but I couldn’t because I haven’t had much chances working with other (not from RBW) composers and I felt unfamiliar. I didn’t know where to start and also was worried I would disappoint him with the lyrics I wrote so I couldn’t show but he took care of everything so I felt like this was a song Zico Oppa gave to me completely and that alone makes this a really meaningful song to me."

Earlier this year, Hwasa and Zico did the "Any Song" challenge together in support of the latter's single of the same name.

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